The South African Shakespeare Schools Festival

While our thought leaders advocate to decolonise curricula, we support them by changing the way content is approached. 
Over the past eight years, Educape has worked with 86 schools and under two thousand learners across the nation to successfully #decoloniseShakespeare.  
Our Teacher/Director, Technical and Cast Workshops encourage a culture of co-learning among youth and teachers.
The Festival's non-competitive environment has removed barriers to entry for young people in schools for the deaf, blind, disabled as well as primary school participants aged 8 to 12.

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Educape Drama Capacity Building Program

Using SSF SA as a springboard, over the past 3 years we have piloted working with resource-challenged schools (e.g.: where Science teachers are allocated to drama) and helped them to establish sustainable drama societies as well as impart fundraising skills.
With the assistance of our donors,  BNP Paribas Dream Up Foundation, guest directors are sent to the school for 3 months to work with the teacher and help get learners production-ready. 
Schools who have taken part in the program include Elandsparkin Gauteng for learners with special educational needs.

Critical Thinking Workshops

One of our key aims is to foster a culture of co-learning among learners and teachers, that activates a renewed willingness to grapple with everything from Shakespeare to physics. Based on successful workshops, our next step is to raise awareness of the importance of teaching and learning critical thinking for young people to adopt to unpredictable future world of work. Educape is currently selecting partners for this project.  Please contact us if you are interested!


Youth BRICS Ambassador Program

In addition to developing youth leadership ambassadorial initiatives with BRICS,Educape will partner to facilitate forums for youth and their elected representatives to advocate for community viewpoints to identify resources required for healing. Alongside project partners we will link this work to the NDP Vision 2030 and Scenarios team to optimise impact.


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